The number one dance and show band in the world for over 40 years!

Super T has been performing for diverse groups of people for more than 40 years and has even been featured nationally on the Today Show, The Morning Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and Entertainment Tonight.

The Tyrone Smith Revue is known for:

  • Playing music from all generes and eras
  • Putting client’s needs FIRST
  • Paying attention to every detail of your event
  • Being the Hardest working band around
  • Always 12 pieces
  • Their music-created atmosphere of elegance and fun
  • Their easy shift from background dinner music to high energy fun
  • Super T makes sure EVERYONE has a good time!! 

When you chose the Tyrone Smith Revue featuring “Super T”, you know that you can absolutely relax and enjoy your event.  Like he told the former President and First Lady, “Super T comes out to make sure everyone ‘gets down’!!”